The boundaries for us at the moment are limitless. We have stepped in to a new template of being; one that is fluid in a sense, and one that is transformative by the mere thought and feeling. This fluidity has become the movement for the next evolutionary step in to our Divine awakening process.

Many have come forward to assist in this process through channeling energy, information, sound, healing, wisdom etc and this will become the norm. Everyone will soon be able to access those higher aspects of themselves to bring forth their own highest display of the Divine Light within.

The levels of awakening are happening in a very precise manner – one that will allow the most beneficial roll out of God force energy. As people awaken to their own divinity, it will immediately impact everyone around them – like a virus,– which will then start their journey using that particular frequency as a start point. This happens on every level – even those fully awakened will automatically draw to them ones of even higher frequency to continue their journey into realms beyond the physical and even higher in to the heavens. For this process of Awakening is built in to our DNA. It is part of our make-up and will never be completed.

Once our Soul energy has completed a round – which is the completion of the original intention for your beingness to come in to being – an aspect of that original intention will split off and begin a whole new cycle of learning and awakening with a slightly different intention. It never ends.

So there is no need to be in a hurry to Awaken. It will happen as planned. The most important thing for you to do is to relax and let that original source energy to flow through you unheeded. And how to do that? You have energy points through your body that store energy – this stored energy can be a result of emotions or experiences that get stuck because you over-analyse the situation, because you are associating too much on the separated version of yourself instead of being united consciously to the higher aspect of you; sometimes called the higher self or light body. When you have that connection to your higher Self, you are able to see things from a much higher perspective and there is no longer a need for emotions to get stored as you can see the higher meaning. You don’t react the same way to situations because you understand the process going on. You can see that the experience happening is happening as an opportunity to clear a past blockage. Everything you experience and see around you is a reflection of you – both your physical now body and your Soul body, which is the compilation of all previous and future experiences. That also includes generational experiences. So it’s a lot for you to hold on to as throughout your unique life experiences, you have been awakening and that means you have been learning. Once you come in to the realization that you merely need to step in to your higher self Light body you are able to release all of those past experiences, as they are no longer relevant to your present moment.

Your experiences are filtered back to your Source point as you experience them and a stored as an energy packet with no emotion attached.

From the higher perspective, there is no separation between the now and future, or the past and now. There is no time. So everything is happening right now. We get to choose what we carry with us in this moment. We can choose not to carry the emotional imprint of our ancestors, or the argument we had last week. In this moment we can choose to only hold the highest frequency possible. We can understand that as the future exists right now, and that every possible reality version also exists right now, we can choose to step in to the reality of ourselves where everything is in complete order. Our health is perfect, our lives are full of creativity, we have wonderful loving relationships and we have everything we need. We can step in to the world where there is peace and compassion and everyone supports each other no matter what. A world where people are focused on lifting each other up instead of causing division. We have the power now to do this.

We have the power now because we have been on a path of awakening which means that as we awaken, the collective consciousness frequency raises.

Every person resonates at a specific frequency. As we awaken, we begin to see things differently; we are able to be more loving, or hold more loving thoughts and feelings for a longer period of time, we are calmer, have more compassion etc. So as this process of awakening happens, and each time we raise our frequency slightly, it affects others, then they have their awakening experiences, and little by little the frequency of everyone raises.

Just like the 100th monkey syndrome, there is a critical mass, where once that particular frequency raises in a certain percentage of people, all of a sudden, that same frequency will become available for everyone. Obviously some will not be capable of absorbing that frequency as they are too stuck in the old patterns of the lower frequencies. But the ones that can receive it will make a jump up to that new frequency. This process continues, going higher and higher.

Frequency is calculated by the rate at which something vibrates. Eventually when the frequency is so high, it will transform physical matter. That is what is happening to us now. We are vibrating our way out of the 3rd dimension and going in to a crystalline field of resonance instead of the carbon based one of the 3rd dimension.

What this means is that our bodies wont have the same solidity as they used to. This is a massive change for our bodies to experience which is why it has to happen at a specific rate. Too fast and it could be detrimental for us. Many people are experiencing the symptoms of this process.

As more are able to hold the higher frequencies, it makes it easier for everyone else to do so as well.

Many believe that we will experience a massive burst of energy which will propel us in to the expanded version of ourselves within the crystalline form. I tend to believe the same after many visions and knowings.

Whatever way it happens, it will be something familiar and we will know exactly what to do.

We have evolved many times before, and this Universe, and Omniverse is in a constant process of change and evolution.

So right now we are in the stages of breaking a lot of old patterns. We have to be able to see the truth in order for us to take another big step, so there are a lot of distortions being revealed right now. How we react to these truths can have a huge impact on how we go through this step. We can react in fear which will feed the lower frequencies, and hold up, or slow down our process, or we can remain in a calm state of love, acceptance and understanding which will allow the truths to filter through the higher energies we are holding.

While some of the truths are deplorable, we have the ability to acknowledge them for what they are while remaining emotionally detached. Not detached from an avoidance perspective, but one of transmuting the experience with love and understanding that they have happened in order for us to awaken. A hard pill to swallow is that we have collectively chosen these experiences in order to awaken.

Lifting yourself up into the highest vibration means you can access and look at the situation differently and will often result in a flood of Love and light directly to the situation. We are then able to move beyond those experiences as a collective, into a new state of reality.

The higher we go, or the more we are able to transmute those experiences with love, the less we will experience those same events.

At a certain point, experiences that hold a low frequency – fear – will no longer be able to be experienced by you in a high frequency of Love.

Every aspect of our lives creates the frequency we hold as an individual. The food you eat, the environment you live in, what you expose yourself to in the way of media, the emotions you allow yourself to feel, and the thoughts you allow to run riot in your mind.

Part of raising your own frequency requires focus to clear away the distortions. Recognise old patterns that are playing in your life, belief systems that are just part of an old story you have been told. Once you begin to tap in to your higher true self, you will be able to see that those old stories are just that and you have a choice of believing them or not. Once you start to see the truth of who you truly are you will begin to see reality very differently.

We don’t have to play in to the same dramas and storylines we have been fed and manipulated in to. We can begin to live as we truly are and we will realise that we have the power to really transform this reality in to the one we want.

Step by step we are moving in to a reality more filled with Love and Light and everything we know it to be true. We all hold the knowing of who we truly are within us, and we intuitively know how we want our lives to be. It’s not a dream or idle wishes – it’s a reality, a memory of our eternal connection to our truth.

Be the best version of yourself you can be right now, in every moment. Know you are loved and supported and if you require guidance on this journey, or assistance clearing blocks causing physical or emotional distress, I am available and you can reach me through https//

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Lots of Love


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