• Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Sessions and workshops to facilitate healing
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Guidance on Meditation and healthy habits
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Connecting you to your Higher Energy Light Body
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Reminding you of ways to simplify and transform old patterns
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Inspiring you to be all you can be
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Guidance on stillness, connection and the importance of 'being'
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Above all, Love is the key
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Be free, excited, in Joy and let go.
  • Lavanya products and services for health and wellbeing
    Nurture those around you by nurturing yourself first

Lavanya is the Sanskrit word for ‘Inner Beauty’ and seemed completely right for the energy I wanted to carry forward with this compilation of work.

Everything in my life has the focus of raising Consciousness and being aligned with the Highest Order and Oneness, so I wanted my business to carry the same energy. Everything I make and provide, needs to uplift, inspire and feel good.

While I have been working in this field for well over 25 years, and selling products for nearly 10 years under ‘The Oneness Sanctuary’, Lavanya was Created in 2018. It had a bit of a slow start but by Autumn 2019 I was a regular at the Kerikeri Markets.. 

I have been providing Healing Facilitations for over 25 years so adding some of these products was new, but I had been creating creams and balms for a number of years also.


What I do

My passion is facilitating healing. Whether that is through having someone on my table for a session, a distant session, someone being profoundly moved and changed through listening to sacred tones, or deep and meaningful conversations.

I love to inspire and encourage people to be the best they can be. I love teaching people that they are able to take control of their lives and steer it in the direction they want it to go.

In my world, there is nothing that can’t be healed or transformed. We have an incredible amount of power just waiting for us to tap in to it and this is an exciting time we are in where anything is possible.

I live my life guided in each and every moment by my heart, which is my Soul/Point of Origin. I love being able to help others connect to theirs as well.

Everything I make and do is infused with the vibration of Love and Expansion.

You can book in for a healing session HERE


I Work With You to Guide you on to a path that excites you to expand and be the best you can be.

Through private sessions or workshops, we can shift old patterns, old ways of thinking and beliefs in to the new 5D frequencies. 

I’m guessing that as you are reading this right now, you are either aware of the transformation happening right now or you are ready to. We are approaching an historic time where we are shifting from our carbon-based body structures into a crystalline 5d form. This means that lots of things are happening to us in order for us to be able to hold such high frequencies. Sometimes there are blockages where old stuff is held on to and it can cause pain, fatigue, flu symptoms, aches, blurred vision, nausea etc. Part of my mission is to help you move through these upgrades to be able to hold the highest frequencies possible so you have an easy(as possible) transition in to our new reality.

You may see the old reality falling down around you. It can be seen in old structures and systems no longer working. Relationships falling away. Wanting to do things differently.


My Story

Meet Leigh, Awakening/Healing Facilitator

Hi, I am so glad you have stopped by my site to take a look. I am so excited to have the opportunity to assist humanity in any way I can.

I ‘woke up’ in my very early 20s, however, I had an awareness that was not common from a very young age.

My ‘awakening’ led me to travel around the world, being guided moment to moment as to where I needed to be and who I needed to meet. I had the most incredible experiences and everything happened with Divine synchronicity. I learnt to trust my inner voice, no matter what.

I was led to live with the Hopi Indians where I had magical experience after magical experience. I worked energetically with the land, and opening and/or closing energy centres within the earth, depending on what was required. A big part of the Earth work was simply being present as a mediator or vessel for the energies to anchor in to the planet.

I experienced visions and lessons directly from the Ascended Masters and other Divine Beings of Light that transformed my awareness and understanding on reality.

My understanding about energy, healing, reality grew, and memories of knowledge and past lifetimes came  flooding in.

After over 25 years being called to different countries and people, I came back to New Zealand and settled in the North of the North Island; a place I feel is very special and will have a significant part to play in the transformational process going on.

All of my experiences have strengthened my faith in the process happening with us in this current time. The expansion process we are going through is challenging for many people; even when you do understand it, it can take it’s toll. 

While it is on-going, I have been through the clearing process so I relate completely to other’s experiences. I had to go to the deepest, darkest of places to be able to unravel past experiences and the impact they had on me. I had to go back through generation after generation of ancestors, to unravel their stuff as well. We all have our own journey to follow and my intent is to assist anyone willing, to find the most beneficial way forward possible.

My mission, I believe, is to assist people in raising their consciousness and help integrate the energies coming through, to facilitate this transformation.

By simply ‘being’ while holding the highest energies possible, we are grounding these in to the Earth sphere for others to use as they are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Healing Sessions Work?

They are incredibly simple. Once you have sent me the Healing Request form (Including your recent photo) and sent your payment through, I will ‘tune in’ to your energy and do exactly the same thing I would do if you were on a table in front of me. I scan your body to see what’s going on with it and then work through all levels of your energy bodies. I then facilitate the higher frequencies coming through to balance and align.
Please visit the healing page for more information.


How often do you do workshops?

I am new to workshops but I have felt a definite push to get going. My first workshop will be in August and I hope to do many more on a regular basis. If you would like to book me to facilitate a workshop in your area, please contact me HERE


Do you do land or house clearings?

I do. Many people find that it helps hugely to clear energies from their house or land that may be disrupting things. Sometimes there are disruptions created during a new build and can cause many delays, accidents and breakages. Clearing and balancing things is a great idea.
If you would like to talk to me about a clearing, please contact me HERE