I have been drawing all of my life. As a teenager I was asked by local kids to draw Iron Maiden posters and my favorite things to draw were mythical creatures and eagles.

In my 20s I began drawing faces, which up until that time I had been scared to do, and much to my surprise, I was quite good at it. I felt quite a calling to draw Native American Indian portraits and before I knew it I was on a plane headed for America.

It was a dramatic change of pace of life coming from New Zealand but I loved it. Soon, I found myself living with the Hopi Indians, then the Cherokee, Southern Cheyenne, and Dakota Indians.

I began to travel around America with the Pow Wows, which were large celebrations and ceremonies. I was able to sell my work at the Pow Wows which was mainly a lot of Native Wildlife drawings, but I soon began getting lots of commissions and offers to show in galleries across the country.

By this time I had been commissioned to draw hundreds of people and animal portraits and I absolutely loved it! I felt like I could really connect to the person or animal through the picture, which was fascinating to me, and it seemed to bring out more ‘life’ in the final picture.

After several years I moved across country to New Mexico and sold my work in galleries for a while, before heading back to New Zealand.

My work has also been sold in England, and Canada.

I have entered many exhibitions and competitions; placing first, people’s choice, and always selling my pieces.

While I have always drawn, because I enjoy it, I had never studied it. In 2017 I decided it might be a good idea to finally take a course, so I completed a Diploma in Art and Design; finishing it in 2019, which has opened my creativity up to other levels.

I mainly use graphite pencil but I have also been known to use watercolour, pastel and acrylic. In some of the more recent pieces I have been creating them in graphite and adding a touch of colour to the eyes or a patch of hair. These seem to be quite popular.

The drawings below are examples of some of my work.

Cherokee IndianHorse PortraitHongiWhippetTigerBlack Labrador
RetrieverLeonbergerTui and FantailCatLion Portrait
German ShepherdTerrierWhite Lab PortraitHound PortraitWorking dog portraitElephant Portrait
Indian Chief PortraitHarry Potter PortraitMustang PortraitNAtive American IndianMorepork PortraitTerrier Dog Portrait
Sean Connery PortraitMastiff PortraitChimpanzee PortraitDog PortraitTwo Labs PortraitDog Portrait

It is a very easy process to order your own commissioned portrait ~

  1. First you will need a really good photo. The better the quality photo, the better portrait you will get. If I can see the detail in the eyes, the personality is likely to come out whether animal or person. I do draw other subjects; in fact I have recently finished commissions for a boat, parrot, design a tattoo and more.
  2. Once you have the photo, you need to fill in the FORM and attach the photo so I can provide you with a quote.
  3. Once I get back to you with a quote, you can make your final decision.
  4. Once all agreed, and you have paid a deposit, I will complete your piece of art and once completed, final payment will be required.

If you would like to get a quote to have a Commissioned portrait done, please fill in the below form.

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