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Integrated Vibrational Healing is a non-invasive form of energy healing that taps in to your electromagnetic body system, and, along with your intention, balances and aligns anything going on.
As we are all connected through the fields of consciousness, this healing can be done remotely – and is more often than not, more effective than in person, as the logical mind is not involved.

We have some pretty amazing things happening on the planet right now. The frequency of the planet is raising, which means we are too. This can bring about lots of changes to our bodies and emotions as it adjusts to these incoming frequencies clearing away old out of date energies held within us. Sometimes these adjustments can be painful and many people experience flu-like symptoms, headaches, general aches and pains, tiredness and many other symptoms. Energy healing is able to help with this through tapping in to the highest frequencies of energy coming in and drawing it down through your body to assist in the clear out and upgrading your system all at the same time. Plasma and crystalline energies are streaming in at an ever increasing rate, which we can use to assist us, providing our systems are clear of old patterns and blockages.

My focus and intention is for you to receive all of the energy you need to evolve, clear, heal and connect with your Higher Self so that you can fully draw in the highest energies required for yourself. This healing energy activates codes, clears pathways and can have a huge effect on your whole well-being and lifestyle.

Over the past 25 or so years I have seen huge changes in clients; from healing from cancer to headaches disappearing within minutes. The healings will even work to resolve relationship issues. It’s all relative as it’s all energy. There is no difference between Cancer or a headache energetically, both are an imbalance of energy. Most imbalances stem from emotions which then get stored as energy packets within the body. Removing them is a matter of matching the healing frequency to the specific issue.

I believe we can heal from anything. The body is incredible. I am sometimes shown parts of the body and where it is out of balance, sometimes I will be told of foods or supplements to pass on to the client to take; basically whatever is out of balance will be revealed. I sense, hear, see, smell and/or taste the messages as they come through so that I get a clear picture of what the client needs.

You are also able to learn about your life path and ways to bring you in to full alignment with your highest potential, any blocks or old patterns that can be worked on to be released. Everything during the healing session is to align you to the highest order.

You may feel things going on in your body at the time of the healing; memories may come up over the week after as your body filters out old patterns and emotions.
The healing will initiate a form of detox so it is vital you get plenty of water and rest if you find you become tired.

I will follow up with an email going over the information I received and any guidance that has been given for you. Sometimes I will feel the need to do a second treatment, of which there is no charge. If you would like regular sessions to maintain balance, I am happy to discuss a payment schedule.

You may feel an overwhelming urge to change things in your life, just allow that process to happen without resistance.

This form of healing works with animals as well.

Animals also need help sometimes, both emotionally and physically. I have worked with all sorts of animals; from dogs and cats, horses, birds, wolves, mountain lions and more.

This form of healing works really well with animals and children as they haven’t had years of conditioning, so they energetically soak up the healing frequencies and generally respond fantastically. They will often communicate to me what the issue is on a subconscious level, so I can quickly resolve it.

This is fantastic evidence of energy healing removing a tumor.
Here is a great video that explains energy healing –
And here is another video with a wonderful story from Sandy Edwards. This has been my experience as well.

Greg Braden is an incredible scholar and well worth the invested time to study his work on quantum physics. https://www.greggbraden.com/category/healing/


  • Thank you so much for the healing session. I have not had a headache since and my skin has cleared up. I did experience a few days of tiredness right after but came right after resting and drinking lots of water as you directed. Looking forward to our next session, – Amira, NZ
  • Wow, I wasn’t expecting that! I could feel the energy coming in. After you let me know when you were doing the healing I layed still and tried to relax and meditate. I could see colours and felt a heat moving through my body. I am able to walk on my sore leg again – Karen, Canada
  • I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer a month ago and came to the frightening conclusion to go through with chemo. This was the last thing I wanted to do but decided it might be too late for anything else. I contacted Lavanya for any help at all. I felt incredibly relaxed during the session time and the results were remarkable. I never got sick during chemo and I never lost my hair! I truly believe in the power of energy healing and am practicing the tools Lavanya shared with me on a daily basis – Thank you. – Amanda, NZ
  • I was more curious than anything when I decided to get a healing session from Lavanya as I didn’t have any serious health issues. I was pleasantly surprised when she picked up some personal emotional issues I’ve had through the years with certain family members. She gave me a deeper understanding of why they were occurring; even going in to past lives to give me a greater understanding. She also could tell some foods that were affecting me badly and after removing them from my diet my energy levels have sky-rocketed and I can think with so much more clarity. I will be doing this again – Hannah, Aust.
  • I was at my wits end with my son who had been diagnosed with autism. A friend had recommended Lavanya to me and I had nothing to loose as I was at breaking point with behavior and anger beyond reasonable. At the time of the session I noticed my son lying calmly on his bed (which never happens) and within about 20 minutes he was off to sleep with none of the normal drama and tantrums. Lavanya informed me that part of the problem was he was highly sensitive to foods and additives. She was able to correctly pinpoint a food he was eating a lot of, and informed me that the colors and additives in this food were causing him harm. I removed that snack and within days he was like a completely different kid. No more meltdowns and over the top behavior! This has changed my whole perspective on energy healing and i’m telling all my friends. -Sam, USA

To book in for a healing session, please fill in this form, along with a recent photo of yourself, or the person you are requesting help for. I will contact you shortly after to discuss it with you further.

Once we have a set day/time, you can purchase the session HERE

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.