I am getting ready to make another batch of orgonite, so if you would like to put your ‘special order’ in to create your own unique orgonite pendant, please contact me. I can use whatever crystals, plants, essential oils and frequencies you want.

Orgonite has been around for a very long time but with the pending issue of 5G, more of us are becoming concerned about the health effects it may have.

It has been shown that orgonite helps to block or transform the EMF and radiation frequencies that have been blamed for causing so many health issues.

I love making orgonite and having it around ~ there is a drastic energy change when I am without it.

Some of my Orgonite customers have reported dramatic changes in their live after having orgonite around, from feeling better healthwise, to businesses improving drastically, to “horrible neighbours” moving away.

At the very least, they are essential to have around technology; especially children.

I also create and sell gem stone pendants with macrame – head over HERE to check them out.

Please select a piece of orgonite below to view more information.

Orgonite for EMF, 5G, Radiation protection.Orogonite with Citrine and Gold for EMF, 5G Radiation protectionWhite Orgonite with shell and aventurine
Orgonite with amber, gold and tiger eye beads Orgonite red agate Orgonite Unakite, Rose Quartz, black tourmaline White organite pendant with shells

This is a great video that explains Orgonite very well.