Healing Session


Distant Healing session


Integrated Vibrational Healing is a non-invasive form of energy healing that taps in to your electromagnetic body system, and along with your intention, balances and aligns anything going on.
As we are all connected through the fields of consciousness, this healing can be done remotely – and is more often than not, more effective than in person as the logical mind is not involved.

My focus and intention is for you to receive all of the energy you need to evolve, clear, heal and connect with your Higher Self. The energy activates codes, clears pathways and can have a huge effect on your whole lifestyle.

Over the past 25 odd years I have seen huge changes in clients, from cancer to headaches. The healings will even work to resolve relationship issues.

I believe we can heal from anything. The body is incredible. I am sometimes shown parts of the body and where it is out of balance, sometimes I will be told of foods or supplements to pass on to take; basically whatever is out of balance will be revealed.

You may feel things going on in your body at the time of the healing, memories may come up over the week after as your body filters out old patterns and emotions.
The healing will initiate a form of detox so it is vital you get plenty of water and rest if you find you become tired.

You may feel an overwhelming urge to change things in your life, just allow that process to happen without resistance.

I will follow up with an email going over the information I received and any guidance that has been given for you. Sometimes I will feel the need to do a second treatment, which there is no charge. If you would like regular sessions to maintain balance, I am happy to discuss a payment schedule.


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