Orange Citrine Macrame Pendant with Citrine Beads

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This is a delicate pendant with a stunning orange Citrine stone. The macrame is unique and contains citrine beads.


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Orange Citrine Pendant

The yellow hues of Citrine symbolize the spiritual qualities of joy, abundance, and transmutation. Its pale yellow color is what gives it its name, Citrine, coming from the French citron, meaning lemon.

Like a refreshing glass of lemonade, Citrine can bring a quick, energetic pick-me-up to those who use it with diligence and respect.

In times of low to moderate stress, Citrine is a perfect ally for realigning your energies back into balance. In contrast, other, more powerful crystals may be necessary for more profound healings.

But do not let that discourage you from its importance, for Citrine knows that it is in these first initial moments of confusion and dismay where we can most easily recalibrate our energies and move back onto our true paths.

Citrine is also known as the Merchant’s Stone, due to its ability to transmute energies quickly and easily, facilitating transfers of energy from one to another.

For those involved in business ventures, particularly new business ventures with new clients or partners, Citrine can be an excellent tool to have on hand, whether in one’s pocket or purse, to increase the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another.

One can place the stone in parts of one’s house where the money is kept to safeguard it and keep its energetic qualities pure.

Citrine also represents spiritual joy since it spreads positive, energetic light around its aura and is said to be one of only two crystals which do not need to be recharged or purified.

With this in mind, you can use it as an excellent tool to bring positive energies to areas where you might have or suspect to have negative energies, spirits, or even ghosts.

By leaving the Citrine crystal in these spaces, it attracts the negative energies into its aura and transmutes them into positive, joyful energies once more.

Citrine, being a yellow crystal, also symbolizes the summer months and the sun’s rays.

It is an excellent crystal to have during these months or to carry with you during the non-summer months when we all are looking for the heightened energy that this time of year brings.

Citrine can help facilitate prosperous occurrences all year round, and more importantly, it can help you transfer spiritual energies inside yourself at all times of the year.

Many people do not realize this, but we are continually exchanging, borrowing, and giving energies to different parts of our body, depending on what our soul and spirit are needing to experience at any given time.

These kinds of exchanges do not come cheaply. We become exhausted when these types of exchanges occur chaotically and without reason. Citrine can help balance and facilitate these types of energies.

Finally, Citrine is a crystal replete with creative energy.

If you are looking for an assistant to jump-start your creative juices, then set Citrine next to your easel, your workbench, your musical instrument, or whatever other tools you use. You will feel your ideas springing forward more readily, without any hesitation.


This Citrine stone is 4cm high x 3.5cm wide. To the top of the middle bead is 6cm. The cords are 46cm long with an adjustable latch so you can wear it long or short.

This one is an eye-catcher.


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