Paua Shell Macrame Pendant

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Delicate Paua Shell Pendant with Amazonite and Amethyst beads.

The width of the 3 shells together is 6cm, and the height is 3.5cm. The cords are 42cm long, have a small green wooden bead on the end and an adjustable slide so you can wear it short or longer.

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Paua Aventurine Pendant

I love this necklace, it is delicate but stunning on.

Abalone jewelry, masks and decorative bowls have been used by many ancient cultures due to abalone meaning and properties. In Native American cultures, the abalone shell is used as a smudge bowl to burn sage in. They believed that the abalone and sage together will carry their messages up to heaven. In the Apache culture, abalone is used in The Sunrise Ceremony, a ritual that marks a girl’s passage into womanhood.

According to Apache myth, The Sunrise Ceremony celebrates the White Painted Woman who survived the great flood in an abalone shell, and came to land to be impregnated by the Sun and the Rain. The son born from her communion with rain, creates water. The son born from her communion with Sun, is the Killer of Enemies who defeats the White Painted Woman’s enemies. Victorious, she bestows a puberty rite upon all Apache women. This is why the journey into puberty honors the White Painted Woman in the abalone disc worn on the forehead of Apache girls as they perform the ritual. Abalone meaning is one of solace, a connection to the ocean, the cycle of life, protection and ancient travel.

The brilliant light that radiates from Paua shells, along with the amazing patterns in it, come from the crystal layers that are created due to the protein and calcium present in them.

The world over, there are more than hundred varieties of Abalone. However, paua is the most sought-after amongst these. This is due to the vibrant, catchy, and iridescent colors of its shell; they come in various kinds of hues―right from green and blue, to pink, purple, and golden. Traditionally, these shells were used by Maori people to highlight ‘eyes’ in their artwork. For example, when it came to depicting rage in the eyes of warriors, red paua shells were used. Many traditional and contemporary crafts of New Zealand are made using these shells even today. Also, paua shells have always been an indispensable part of jewelry making in New Zealand.

It is believed that all varieties of abalone (including paua) strengthen the body as well as the heart. If a person wears jewelry made from paua shells, it is said that he can express his feelings to others articulately. They are believed to bring sensitivity, harmony, and connectivity in relationships. As this shell is found in a number of colors, it represents the beauty of life, which is ‘change’ that we experience every day.

It is a common Maori practice to gift paua shells to one another. According to them, this shell brings good luck, prosperity, and peace to the wearer. Medicinal lore say that these shells were used to treat a number of ailments and health conditions. Deficiency of calcium, hearing problems, nervous system disorders, etc., are some conditions that were treated with paua shells.


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