Rose Quartz Heart Macrame Pendant

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This is a lovely pink Rose Quartz heart pendant with a cloudy white quartz, Amethyst and Rose quarts beads.


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Rose Quartz heart pendant

The rose quartz got its name from its light pink color. They come in different shades of pink, from very light pink quartz (almost whitish) to medium to dark pink hues. They have a characteristic cloudy translucence appearance, and have a high vibration of energy. 

Deposits of the gem can be found in India, Madagascar, Japan, South Dakota in the USA, South Africa, and Brazil being the most known country in the world to have the most rose quartz deposits. 

One of the most popular stones, it is mostly used in jewelry, especially as pendants due to their lovely pale pink color, which is derived from the presence of several minerals such as manganese and titanium. 

The stone gives off a very soothing and gentle energy and resonates with the heart chakra. It aids in healing negative emotions, promotes love and intimacy, supports harmonious relationships, and helps to develop closer relationships with families and friends. 

Aside from its obvious beautiful appearance, using the rose quartz brings about a range of different benefits to the user or wearer. Here is a list of some of its benefits: 


  1. builds self-esteem 
  2. eases heartache 
  3. heals emotional wounds 
  4. promotes inner peace 
  5. promotes forgiveness 
  6. releases repressed hurts 
  7. helps you realize the beauty around you 
  8. protects and nurtures relationships 

The heart is 3.5cm x 3.5cm with the top of the white bead reaching 6cm. The cord is 50cm long with an adjustable latch so you can wear long or short, and has an amethyst bead on the end of each cord.


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