Stichtite Serpentine Atlantacite Macrame pendant with Obsidian and Lava Stone beads

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A beautiful Stichtite Serpentine Atlantacite Macrame pendant with Obsidian, Lava Stone and lemon serpentine beads.

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Stitchtite serpentine atlantacite

This Stichtite Serpentine Atlantacite Macrame pendant with Obsidian and Lava Stone and lemon serpentine beads is a lovely pendant. It’s unique design is a favorite and it will stand out amongst the crowd.


Stichtite has a profoundly loving vibration, that has a strong effect within the heart chakra and thymus chakra, or higher heart.

It is helpful to heal unresolved issues, as it stimulates feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness and healing of emotional distress.

This stone will help you if you want to stimulate kundalini awakening. It combines well with Green Serpentine and a number of other stones that are used for this purpose.

It is one of a group of stones that will help you to move the kundalini energies, up from the base of the spine, through the entire body via the spinal column to the crown chakra.

Serpentine is a good cleansing stone, it detoxifies the blood and the body. It is said to aid longevity.
Serpentine eliminates parasites, helps calcium and magnesium absorption. Treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes. It helps with pain relief, especially muscular and menstrual. This stone can assist in cellular regeneration and replenishing your energy levels.
Serpentine is ideal for those who are subjected to electromagnetic or energetic pollution. It insulates the aura, protecting the delicate energetic structures of the DNA and cells. It supports healing by aligning your energy field with the Earth, which invigorates the body.

Serpentine helps with disturbances to the heart rhythm, kidney and stomach complaints and also when diarrhoea an constipation keep alternating. It balances over acidification and stimulates the magnesium metabolism in the body. This stone will help to relax cramps.


Atlantisite lowers stress levels and encourages thinking before speaking. Useful for gently encouraging children to modify inappropriate behaviour, this stone is also helpful for breaking away from the results of poor choices or old wounds, healing outworn patterns and instilling a more positive approach. It is an effective harmoniser of disputes. ​​Atlantisite helps you to a higher awareness of all your emotions good and bad. This stone will bring joy into your physical existence. Atlantisite helps to strengthen your feelings of love, compassion and caring for yourself and others. Atlantisite helps to clean emotional immaturity and helps to attract love, over and above money. It encourages you to make real promises.


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