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Immune Boosting Tea 100gm

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Thyme tea by Lavanya

If you are one of the many who do a lot of travelling, i hope you have this tea on hand. Thyme Tea is loosely based on a traditional Bedouin Tea made from Black Tea and Arabian Desert herbs, such as wild Thyme and desert sage.

The Bedouins use specific regional desert plants that are probably closer in flavour to bitter sage brush than our delicate culinary varieties.

The historical and contemporary herbal practices of nomadic peoples around the world is fascinating. The relationship these people have with the landscape must be powerful. A family or clan has to fully engage with their place in order to provide nourishment, medicine, water, and safe shelter. Many nomadic peoples have distinct seasonal migratory patterns that form a complete loop each year.

The immune system is fully tested when we are travelling, and having this Thy,e Tea in tow ensures safe and healthy passage from place to place.

This tea is designed around common herbs and basic black tea. Black tea will give you the endurance you need to get where you are going while the herbs are warming, antimicrobial, and antiviral. The licorice helps to restore the nervous system.


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