There is nothing nicer than sitting down at the end of the day with a nice hot tea.

I have developed these herbal tea blends to be healing as well as great tasting. Each with their own health benefits, its worth trying a few out.

I use organic ingredients and grow all of my own ingredients where possible.

I love working with herbs to find the perfect blends that will nourish, cleanse, balance and enliven.

Working with Native Plants is exciting and I will be developing my native tea line more soon.

Please select on the teas below to find out more.

Hibiscus Happy Tea by LavanyaOrange Pekoe teaNettle TeaDandelion Root TeaChai tea, heart health
Hibiscus HappyOrange PekoeNutritious NettleDandelion RootChai
Blood, detox, liver, health, cancer, immunityEssiac, tea, healing, immunity, liver, cancerThyme tea by Lavanya
Blood PurifingEssiacThymeKawakawa EnergizeKawakawa Relax