Wind chimes are a fantastic way to surround yourself with healing tones.

Often we are bombarded with noise pollution that cause our bodies to become mis-aligned. Even current music is using a new scale that is out of harmony with our bodies and the entire Universal structure.

I think everyone notices when they listen to a sound that is obviously disruptive; whether it be heavy metal music or an extremely noisy truck roaring past. These disruptions happen on a daily basis; sometimes hundreds of times a day, and each time, it knocks our energy field causing disruption.

These chimes have been lovingly made by me using copper which is a beautiful metal. It is soft, resonant and has a very healing energy about it. Once I tune the pipes to resonate at the ancient tones, it gives us a way to reconnect with our Source. These true notes are encoded with the frequencies we need to heal and remain aligned to our higher purpose.

I have used hard wood for the top and donger. Tacks in the donger give a clearer tone and the black chain adds to allowing for the best sound.

There are two different wind chimes available so far, Please click on them below to find out more.

Solfeggio Wind Chime

Flower Of Life Wind Chime